Expo Floor Plan

A few updates for Vendors. Please read!

Trash barrels are for trash only(food items and empty drinks), NOT yard sale items or boxes. There is a dumpster in the back parking lot for boxes. Donated yard sale items can go against any empty space along the back wall.

After 8am the all the doors must remain completely closed during the whole duration of the sale. Everyone may only go through the front doors in the Main hall during the sale. If you have to smoke you may only use the front door in the main hall irregardless of whether your space is in the main hall or addition room. If you have to bring in more inventory please park in the front parking lot and bring it through the front entrance in the main hall irregardless of whether your space is in the main hall or addition room.

Set up times are Friday 12pm to 7pm and Saturday 615am to 745am. If you arrive after 7:45am you will have to come through the front door ONLY to bring in your stuff. The back bay doors will be closing at 7:45 sharp.

The sale is from 8am to 1pm.

Thanks for reading and complying. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Jenny @ 540-448-3560

If you have any advertising ideas please contact me. Currently we advertise in 6 newspapers, online on facebook and craigslist, yard signs placed throughout Augusta County and on the bill board off of I64.

If no spaces showing below, call (540) 448-3560 to reserve a space.

Event Date:
Electrical Cage Large Door E1 F1 G1 H1 I1 J1 K1 L1 M1 N1 Large Door Q1 R1

C3 D3 E3
G3 H3 I3
K3 L3 M3
O3 P3
C4 D4 E4
G4 H4 I4
K4 L4 M4
O4 P4

Entrance to
C6 D6 E6
G6 H6 I6
K6 L6 M6
O6 P6

C7 D7 E7
G7 H7 I7
K7 L7 M7
O7 P7

D9 E9
G9 H9 I9
K9 L9 M9
O9 P9

D10 E10
G10 H10 I10
K10 L10 M10
O10 P10


E12 F12 G12 H12

K12 L12 M12 N12 O12 P12 Q12

Men's Room Main
Ladies Room

Outdoor Space